Thursday, 7 December 2017

A New Book That Will Change Your Life Forever!

I am delighted to share with you details of my new book, and for anyone reading "The Cherry Tree Garden" I know it will change their life forever!

I like to also think the book is timely, as we see  so much chaos, confusion, and misery in the world.

I am confident the book will be spiritually uplifting and enlightening, for I share in the book many spiritual visitation experiences over my humble 60 years of physical life.

The Book Features: The Four Cycles of the Human Condition, Celestial Visitation Experiences, Spiritual Sensory Awareness and the Different Vibration Levels, Visitation Predictions and Warnings, The Real True Story of the Garden of Eden and Location, Divine Structure including Celestial Ascendancy Deities often deemed as Mythical Gods, Divine Celestial Elders and Divine Family Elders and Guides. Divine Creation and the Covenants of Natural Law for Greater Knowledge, Wisdom, and Enlightenment. Alien Life and other Worlds and Dimensions, Learning to see far more Reality around you, The Rising of the Chinese Dragon with a Heart, Evolution and Human Primate Responsibility as Good Shepherds, Equality and Reverence to Sacred Vessels of Motherhood and All Life!

All of our journeys start with a beginning and end, yet sometimes we can pause, or stop, to see, admire, or digest an event, or moment in our lives. So often these subtle signs and events have far greater meaning and relevance. So the reading of “The Cherry Tree Garden” is such a moment, and event in your life, and meant to be, as you continue on your journey in search of finding the answers.

“Just as a wind and breeze can change direction and be invisible to your naked eye, one knows of such a presence and existence from such an entity.” ~ Alastair R Agutter

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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Tropical Fish Keeping Journal Book Edition One

A very big welcome to the "Tropical Fish Keeping Journal Book Edition One" for every tropical Fish Hobbyist and Dedicated Aquarist from around the World. Each edition covers a series of special features on the hobby, for a successful tropical fish keeping experience.

In this issue of the “Tropical Fish Keeping Journal” book edition one, we cover; the history of tropical fish keeping and the unmistakable contribution made by our Victorian Ancestors. Helping new aquarists get started. Choosing the correct themes and styles for the aquarist’s planned aquarium(s). Choosing the right sized fish tank, including the supporting stand required for the job and the importance of positioning the aquarium in the right place.


INTRODUCTION - Authors introduction to the Tropical Fish Keeping Journal Book Editions 

SHORT HISTORY OF THE PASTIME - A brief History of the hobby and the unmistakable contributions made by our Victorian Ancestors 

GETTING STARTED IN THE HOBBY - Helping new aquarists to get started in the hobby and becoming familiar with the products

AQUARIUM STYLES - Choosing the correct themes and styles for the Aquarists planned aquarium(s) 

AQUARIUM SIZES AND STANDS - Choosing the right sized fish tank, including the supporting stand requirements

 AQUARIUM LOCATIONS - A guide to ensuring your aquarium is positioned in a safe and appropriate location

TROPICAL FISH SPECIES - Editors choice featuring a selection of tropical fish species accompanied with fact files

AQUATIC PLANT SPECIES - Editors choice featuring a selection of aquatic plant species accompanied with fact files

BREEDING LIVEBEARER GUPPIES - The Aquarists quick guide to successfully breeding and rearing livebearer Guppies

AQUARISTS PRODUCTS GUIDE - Featuring essential star aquatic products of note for today's tropical fish hobbyist

AQUARISTS REFERENCE TABLES - Sets of essential reference tables for aquarists including Gallons, Litres, Aquarium Sizes, Filtration and more in every journal edition, plus mathematical formulas

AQUARISTS BOOK GUIDE - Essential books and magazines worth reading and acquiring covering the hobby

AQUARISTS DIRECTORY - Useful web sites and web addresses for aquarists in relation to the pastime


Alastair Agutter is one of a select few world-wide to successfully breed Wild Discus (symphysodon) species King of the Aquarium in captivity and an authority on these tropical fish species and others, as an accomplished Best Selling Author of Specialist Books Internationally. 

Alastair began keeping and breeding tropical fish as a hobbyist from the age of just 9 years back in 1967 (nearly 50 years ago) and has successfully bred many species. He was one of the very first Aquarists in the United Kingdom breeding cichlids from the Great Lakes (Malawi and Tanganyika) in the early and mid-nineteen-seventies. 

His enthusiasm as a dedicated Aquarist continues today with a number of projects underway; including the development of new biological filtration systems (Polyatomic-ion Biological Reactors), to help improve the success survival rate for keeping thriving plants with tropical fish species. Other projects include breeding a number of endangered species including original strains of the symphysodon family and other smaller indigenous species native to South America mainly inhabiting the Great River Amazon. 

Alastair also continues today designing and making his very own aquariums and equipment for his projects, and also endeavours to write more tropical fish hobbyist reference books as a freelance full-time author, in the interests of further serving the local and wider Community Internationally.

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Monday, 31 July 2017

Review: The Compleat Angler

The Compleat Angler The Compleat Angler by Izaak Walton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In 1981 representatives of the British Library presented an early leather bound edition of "The Compleat Angler" Book. At that time, back in 1981, it was claimed that The Compleat Angler was the third biggest selling book in history, after Pilgrims Progress, and the Holy Bible.

I was commissioned by the Izaak Walton Foundation to make and design a collection of limited edition split bamboo cane rods to commemorate the "Tercentenary" 1683. To do my very best, I wanted to get the real feel for the time and moment. I therefore read from cover to cover this work, that I found inspiring. I cannot say Charles Cotton, or Izaak Walton, were great anglers. But their journeys as friends and companions to various Rivers, and Venues in Blighty, made the book fascinating to read.

The Compleat Angler for me is a book worth investing in for those long winter months, as you warm up by a log fire, hearing the crackle of the chestnut logs, with a warm glow to your face from the fire and dream about the fish you plan to catch, the following season.

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Review: Lessons in Tennis A Text Book of the Game

Lessons in Tennis A Text Book of the Game Lessons in Tennis A Text Book of the Game by George Agutter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

With the recent new book by Johnnie Mac (John McEnroe), about Tennis and his life and love for the game, we have come a long way in the Sport since my Great Uncle's day. When he greatly contributed to Tennis in the United States leading, to becoming President (Dean) of the American Lawn Tennis Players Association.

Today, many folk say "not to dwell on the past, or look back" but very often by looking onto history can we find treasures to enlighten, and remind us of our roots, and the standards we need to maintain or aspire too set down by our kin and ancestors.

Any young sports person taking up the sport of tennis today, can do well to study the history of the game, for such a book as this, will help a player to begin a journey of dedication, finite precision and skill development.

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Review: Everyday Super Food

Everyday Super Food Everyday Super Food by Jamie Oliver
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As a more seasoned member of society these days, getting old, and experienced life's journey to the end degree. I have to admire and take my hat off to this remarkable young man. If at anytime our Millennials seek to be inspired by a persons drive, passion, dedication and hard work, it is Jamie!

This book as like many others he has written and produced, selling over 20 million of his books, is beautifully designed and crafted, laid out to only inspire us all to cook far more healthy foods, rather than processed products (ready meals) that consist of many chemicals and toxins, that do poison the body over time, hence more cancers and allergies today!

The book is full colour throughout, and brilliant value for money. I know I am not alone in saying it is a cookery book with recipes that will always be treasured in the cooks library.

This book was the inspiration for me to write "Super Foods Tropical Fish and Discus", thanks Jamie!

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Review: Competitive Fly Fishing

Competitive Fly Fishing Competitive Fly Fishing by Tony Pawson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An excellent book to read for any ardent followers of sport and fishing. Tony Pawson in his life, represented England for cricket, and also Oxford for football. His sporting success was carried into his latter years, and with a little help from someone not mentioning any names for fishing tackle, became the World Individual Fly Fishing Champion in 1982.

Throughout Tony Pawson's life time he was a highly respected and a very much loved person, his quality of journalism was second to none, and this is reflected in this book. He is very sadly missed by the very many who had the privilege to known him.

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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Author's Latest News for Hobbies Interests and Pastimes Books

Firstly, a very "BIG" thank you to all my fabulous Readers for acquiring my specialist reference books covering hobbies, interests and pastimes.

To keep Readers more informed and up to date on my Best Sellers, New Book Releases, Up the Garden, In the Fish House, the Great Outdoors, as the Crow Flies, and much more....

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