Nobody Listening or Reading About the Ground Moving Below Your Feet

This past year I have been studying the geographical landscape again online, and at large in the community, but especially my sector of the arts and entertainment. The great tragedy is, nobody is listening, learning, or reading, as the world at large changes, and very dramatically, especially for careers and livelihoods.

Alastair Agutter (Author) + Aggie (Music Artist) Web Site:

Some folk are getting it, and understanding the need for change. To help combat these dramatic changes in addition to writing books as a specialist author in my life, and with a publishing record of over 60 books printed and more than 120 in different formats. I have also gone back to writing music again since the 1970's and 1980's to help absorb the dramatic changes coming, that will affect all our lives in the Arts and Entertainment Industry, and all areas of Business!

How, many are in truth reading the tea leaves and understanding what is going on, very few I think! And these comments are not some emotional rant, but based on rational facts, research, and study. And this seems to be a deficiency in many folks lives when it comes to business, be it in my industry of entertainment, the services and retail sectors as just some other examples. I am convinced I could continue to write articles until I am blue in the face, and in truth feel there is little point. But the reason why I do still try to persevere and hold out hope is for the odd one or two citizens in my industry, or business, that do take the time and trouble to read and research. Thus in turn hopefully helping them to adapt and change before it is too late!

When you now have a President and Officials of a USA Government that tell lies as a norm of around 3,000 times a month, it should soon register to anyone that this new norm, simply is not normal and we are in fact in un-presidented times!

Such an environment has a massive impact on communities, including our online global community, for where I have warned of a massive crash coming, I can tell you now it has already started, as web services start going to the wall. Then there are communities where more retail outlets are closing down, and even the real big players like Debenhams, Marks & Spencer, Waitrose, John Lewis and others are starting to ride a very hefty and uncertain storm as they see more businesses close and collapse all around them.

Paul McCartney Web Site:

Some as I say do get it however, such as Paul McCartney and Ariana Grande in our industry, as they become more creative with their online dedicated official web site presence. These are the smart guys, but others sadly are relying on a few posts over social media venues to keep them in the public eye and popular. But this is no guarantee of survival. Just recently VEVO called it a day and now part of the Google YouTube Platform. Just think how many artists, bet their money on VEVO being around for all times.

Ariana Grande Web Site:

The only sure thing as an artist is to have what I call an anchor point for fans and music lovers, a safe harbour in the way of a dedicated web site, so then through all the changes and takeovers or firms and venues going bust, your fans can always follow you and catch up with your news and activities from your official web site.

Madness is happening, this year from my research I have even seen well known artists, not bothering with their own official web sites at all! Some even shutting them down, due to costs, thus only looking at the short-term and not the long-term impact and changes.

Some top web designers may charge 30k plus for design, but if this is your livelihood and you do not have the skills to design, program and create yourself, you need to retain these talents, otherwise the work and record sales will eventually run out!

Even well known authors are changing and getting to work. The likes of James Patterson advertising more than ever, and Stephen King working Twitter on a daily basis to retain presence with fans and audiences.

What is coming, is nothing short of the "Mother of All Storms" to the economy globally. As a result of more than a decade of ignorance, by Corporations and Governments associated with economics. If people get poorer, to any simple soul it is understood that economies will slowdown as less folk can afford to buy!

For more than a decade these events have been happening, and taking Britain as an example, the past four years of spending has been primarily as a result of credit and debt again. And do you remember how Governments and Banks assured the world this would never happen again!

Well I hope more read this article, for I am one for changing and not sitting back, only to be swallowed up, or drown as a result of a sinking ship, not sea worthy enough to confront and ride out this storm coming!

I have already started to look at real creative design and new concepts, not only with the web site, but moving forward with more great books and music. I am not alone, smart friends in the industry like Ariana Grande and Paul McCartney get it like I say, and also becoming more creative. Even the likes of Bet Midler and Barbara Steisand are having a voice again, and getting active to meet the storm coming in a political sense, but also more importantly than ever, in a philosophical and community sense, as they realize not only are economics at stake, but also the possibility of society full stop! And at such times folk need hope, and the guided direction of our maker!

The natural instinct for change is not because I write books for a good yarn, or write music just to listen too. I create these forms as a passion, and to hopefully help contribute and shape a better world, advancing the human story and journey. These artists are also the same, living and breathing their crafts, and this is what makes them stand out, but also delivers the instinctive gift of wisdom, to know when change and creativity is required, and at the most extreme.

Others often follow, we know as trends, but in this fast changing world, and competing on a global level, before one starts, or tries to catch up, your business could of died, crashed and burned!

Good Luck, Best Wishes and Warmest Regards