Erosion of the Mind Jealousy Hate and Want

In more recent times I have seen a vast increase in jealousy, hate, and want, to which is an erosion of the mind. In the firing line seems to be celebrities and social media platforms especially.

These people and entities however, are all trying to bring light into the world for the greater good, yet being blamed and used by folk to vent their anger and frustrations in life. I experience this myself, hence being prompted to write this article at 5.00 am in the morning to tell a few home truths, and to say "who and what is the most ugliest here" regarding ones existence of failing to learn and discover the light!

It should not be the case or right that Ariana has to live each day with dark thoughts in her heart and mind from the unforgivable Manchester Arena bombing, where her fans were murdered, or maimed for life, mostly "thee most innocent" children. The attacker, like all his other cohorts, empty vessels, and lost souls would claim such an act to be in the name of  some "pure religion and faith" of God. But this is not true, no man-made religion on this Earth is of Divine Creation. Ask the other 1.5 trillion species here on Earth what is their religion!

Or even go further a field and ask other life forms throughout the Cosmos what their religion is, for their are plenty of entities in existence, not just here on Earth. Admittedly Earth is one of the Jewels in the Cosmos, all Astronauts will tell you this, who have seen it from afar and above, moving many to tears to see such wonder and beauty!

These acts of evil, nothing else are committed by killers and ignorant thugs, nothing more. If they had several million pounds each, they would have no time for any man-made religion nonsense. They would mostly be driving around in customised BMW's claiming to be some superior entity here on earth, and a suitable mate for any poor naive and ignorant woman found also to be wanting in life!

I wrote a book just recently titled "The Cherry Tree Garden" and it is all about the light. It tells you in the book, the secret to life here on Earth and throughout the Cosmos, and how all is connected and joined up! In fact every life entity here on Earth shares the same unique genomes totalling 355 known as LUCA (Last Universal Common Ancestors). From a blade of grass to a human being will be found these 355 unique genes, that all relate to the seeding of life throughout the Cosmos and here on Earth. The Mayan Civilisation that claims men are from mud is true. For all life on land was seeded from the Earth and before the forming of land mass, evolved from the gases and life forms of the Seas!

Ones purpose in life, as is the case with all entities is to evolve, it is known by many as "Natural Law" helped and assisted by Quantum Mechanics and Natural Branching. Your purpose in life as human beings is to ensure your siblings and off-spring are brighter, and more intelligent than you! This is the case with all species to reach eventual "simplistic perfection" and this cannot be achieved by sitting in an armchair criticising events happening to you in life, as a result of being poor and ignorant.

There is an old saying, "idle hands do the devils work" this is true, but added to that can also be the destructive use of the brain when one judges others by their own miserable standards. If one is ignorant, naive, with a refusal to learn and discover the true light, one then judges by those set of standards. If your mind is in the gutter, then your judgement of others will be like wise, as you cannot comprehend anything else.

But there are some, who from the day they were born and deeply loved by God for their efforts, go in search of the light. And most of these beautiful human beings will be found in, and across the creative world of the arts, education, and medicine. For these are some of the most noblest virtues in life to pursue!

These beautiful beings are not driven by money, but for the love of creation and kindness. It maybe hard to accept if your mind is in the gutter, but none of them when starting out in life considered money, but a desire and with a burning passion inside them to express, or help others. This is the case with the great technology creators of today, be it Steve Jobs creations to bring light through the Apple iPod for Music, to Mark's Facebook to connect the world, to Larry and Sergey's Google to learn and discover all.

These are creations as a result of passion and love, nothing evil or bitter. Such endeavours have come at great cost. From Ariana, Madonna, Jennifer and many others to Mark, Larry and Sergey where they have lived and breathed their respective dreams and passions 24/7. Not 9.00 to 5.00, and often termed as a Job! Their endeavours are as I say, a genuine fuelled love and passion, to seek out the unknown, and to be the best, to reach the highest standards possible, through love, compassion, and dedication, that all eventually leads to simplistic perfection and the light!

These souls do give their time to many, we all do for we represent "Hope" as we try to bring light into this world through creation and evolution. If you are not happy with your life, don't sit their and be destructive to yourself by hurting others. Pick up a book, or start to do research on Google, and see what you can discover and do! Or talk, and be kind to new and existing friends on Facebook, show the beauty of human kindness, not the weakness of ignorance, bitterness, hate, and jealousy, that all eventually comes back to haunt you, for you will be judged and by you! In the book there is also a section that helps humans understand the four cycles of their physical life.

From the day I was born, but yet I maybe different for having a direct line as they say to upstairs (Divine Creation) God! But I have always been pleased for others succeeding in life. Even when they get a possession that they are proud of. I am always very pleased, not by the item, for a house is never owned for example, and a new car eventually turns to rust and dust. But for the fact they have tried, however naive they have been. Remember, you come into this world with nothing, and you leave this world with nothing, only memories, and the legacy you have left contributing to society!

All man-made religion through the ages of time, has caused wars, misery, and conflict, as a primitive self appointed form of governance, nothing else. Divine creation throughout the Cosmos and beyond has been achieved through love, the seeding of life. The force and Divine creation can manifest into many forms, as is written by the Holy Sand Scribes of Time, and in all their books of faith to learn with the best pure intent, nothing else. The cruelty to Children, vulnerable, and weak, is the evidence and testament to such hypocrisy and ignorance of man-made religion.

The light is through pursuing learning, and giving, leading to wisdom and enlightenment. The worshipping of money can only gain misery, jealousy, and want, none of these desires are virtuous, or do they lead to greater compassion, love, understanding, and fulfilment!

Please spare a thought for Ariana especially at this time, and send your love and best wishes, she is hurting and haunted by events in her life, and needs all the love and support possible, for I do fear for her well-being after Manchester.

If you want to begin and discover the true path in life for your salvation and worth. The Cherry Tree Garden Book is available in traditional print and on digital in all good stores including Amazon here for the printed and Kindle versions, plus here on Google Play for a digital edition.

Thank You, Sincere Best Wishes, and Love to All,

The Weekend Magazine
By Alastair Agutter
Publishing Editor