The Next Big Thing in Technology and the Geographical Landscape Changes

This is an article I have written regarding the geographical landscape and the next "BIG" thing in technology, and this next big thing unknown to many, is now incubating and growing below the surface, and will change the world forever. So as you read this article, please stay with me. Thank you!

 Web Art Illustration Created by Alastair R Agutter

This past fortnight my subconscious dimension to my very being has made me begin to ask some searching questions again, based on current events happening around the world. To the point of research and action.

For more than 18 months now, I have been frequently mulling over in my mind the daily and weekly events seen on our television, and have found myself becoming forevermore skeptical, as the conclusions to the stories covered by the press and media, are starting to sound like a bad recording, and without any constructive conclusions, solutions or viable outcomes, as a result of the circle of friends and associates appointed to provide experienced professional answers and advice to such events.

Through my own experience, and freeing myself from the nonsense stated, read, and heard. The best example or analogy I can give to summarize the current insanity and madness regarding the human races current course and destination. It is like being on a train heading towards a bridge that has collapsed with a huge valley and ravine, with a drop of several thousand feet, and the outcome is, all inhabitants on that train will not survive. Yet the passengers on the train are still discussing the weather, markets, politics of the day, and others phoning their brokers to buy shares in oil (fossil fuels).

This my friends is the cold harsh reality of madness going on. I have just seen parts of Florida wiped out from Hurricane Storm Michael, and the journalist of the broadcaster stating "the Floridians are tough, and they are going to rebuild and get on with life." Excuse me please, will someone start to get real here. Storm Michael won't be back, but other storms will be soon and especially next year, and far stronger and greater than storm Michael. It's called the domino effect of Climate Change!

We have a character in the White House who thinks his on an International reality TV show, seriously rubbing up some very powerful people the wrong way, notably the President of China. Leading to alienation with the West and a global trade war. A US Government Administration living in total denial of Climate Change, and reporting daily on the success of the Stock Markets, the exact and same system and mechanism that brought the world to its financial knees in 2008.

Now please stay with me on all of this, if I went to a bank for a loan on a project that I have developed and tried on countless times before, only for it to fail. The bank would not be suggesting, or offering me a loan, but suggesting I get some serious psychiatric treatment. Yet Western Governments since the 1930's, the great depression, have pursued insane economic policies like mad scientists.

The continued terms of "work and money" to drive people in a Western Society, in truth is not smart. Technology everyday, as it further advances, is demonstrating how many types of work can be reduced, or eliminated. Then because of the mindset and culture, social pressures that bear down on folk to have a job, and a feeling of guilt as human beings for not being productive or active, let alone without a job! But the reality is, and you do not have to be a genius, as technology advances and populations continue to grow, there simply will not be the jobs. So what do we do?

Do we have more wars, that has been the solution in the past to all this insanity, going as far back as Alexander the Great and beyond, who invaded and sacked Villages, Towns, and Cities. Then only to rebuild again, like the mad scientist going to the bank for a loan, or the current and previous Governments pursuing this madness of economic policy, that has incurred two world wars, and countless other conflicts around the world these past 100 plus years!

The new game in town and a very disruptive one is being especially exercised by Russia at this time, we are starting to know as Cyber Warfare. I hope you like the following image, spooky huh, I created this image more than 12 years ago, as I could see where we were heading.

Web Art Illustration Created by Alastair R Agutter

This new type of warfare is to breakdown social cohesion and organized structural procedures. It is clearly something Vladimir Putin has studied carefully along with his cohorts. A great deal of this Cyber Warfare is as a result of when "Glasnost" came to be and the falling of the Berlin Wall. As Russia changed from a Communist regime to a capitalist based society, there was a period of chaos and many Russian Folk very sadly suffered. But in truth this is only one reason for Putin's behaviour, the other is power and ambition. However, as a result of these new cyber threats to elections in the West, I am fearful Governments such as the USA and Great Britain will help Putin win this Cyber War through stringent dictatorship regulation affecting Social Media Evolution to unite the people of the world.

Such a strangle hold on Social Media Evolution will in effect kill the "Golden Goose" that is currently incubating in the belly of Social Media, as an artificial organically growing entity. Rewind a little in history, and to understand the early beginnings of World Wide Web's connectivity. After Sir Tim Berner's-Lee set up the beginning of the World Wide Web at CERN in Switzerland, to link up academic papers and information, with the http:// protocol. It was in fact at NCSA, in Champagne Illinois, in the USA, where Mark Andreessen and Eric Bina, developed the beginning of the Commercial World Wide Web as we know it today, with the Mosaic Browser, later to be known as the Netscape Navigator Browser Suite. This generation of mine with great minds, all had one thing in common, they were born in what I describe as a purple period in society, when family backgrounds and home life was pretty normal and secure, this being primarily the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's. 

Creativity and imagination was abound, and it was an era of engineering enthusiasts and computer programmers, the latter using some of the very early Acorn, Sinclair and BBC computer devices. This generation today, has founded, or still run, some of the largest technology companies on the planet, and their imaginative creative minds continue to work, and are ahead of the game still!

Sergey Brin, Jeff Besoz, Larry Page, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs (RIP) and Mark Zuckerberg etc. all of these great minds and talents, have emerged when things in the West were good and sensible, to put it into the most basic terms. All of them who are still living today, are mindful of flaws and responsibilities, believe it or not, and more than anyone. When privacy and child abuse was becoming rife on Social Media, and the USA arm of the Government started to bear down on Mark Zuckerberg. I contacted Mark directly, as one parent to another, and within days he started to act and recruit folk to stamp out these heinous crimes! 

The truth is, these guys care more than the politicians, and for a number of reasons. One being they are driven by a vision, and secondly they want to change and make a better world. They know the writing is on the wall for humankind, and they are all working behind these scenes pulling out all the stops. Some of the technology is so advanced, they are very morally and sensibly refusing to work with Government Ministries, as they know such technology will not be used for peaceful means, and will sure as hell create and make the situation worse, with regards to dealing with the current disruptive actors in Cyber Space. 

All the time Vladimir Putin plays this game, where he can tell the Russia people they are not liked, he will stay in power. But once the Russian people realize the enemy is from within, then can there be a future for all and this includes all citizens of the world, especially China, for again, they are not the enemy. But if USA and UK Governments go marching around in their big size eleven's legislating on something they can't even begin to understand, all will be lost for all of humankind and possibly leading to all out War and conflict!

Since the beginning of the human story, we have had to date three significant moments regarding collective governance. These being, first Tribalism, then came man made Religion, and then in more recent times Political Governance. 

The continuing thread to artificial intelligence, and all life, and all that exists, surrounds Sir Isaac Newton's Natural Law. I am fortunate, like others I know of Zero Point (The Force) and have seen it in all it's glory. Natural Law Governs everything, it is even found in technology and AI, with the aid of Quantum Mechanics and Natural Branching. You cannot defy it, I in fact wrote an article (AI and Technology Cannot Defy Natural Law) on the subject.     

So where are we heading and why should we understand how critical it is to protect Social Media? 

Well, the Golden Goose is the framework of Social Media leading to Social Media Justice and Governance, the new form of a global and fair just society. Today we are already seeing how these small seeds of evolution are working with regards to petitions to Governments through Social Media to reports and reviews, giving ratings on peoples experiences, be it travel or accommodation. 

Once Western Governments and Politicians can get their heads around this technology, a framework can be designed so citizens of states can interact and vote on issues, be it elected officials to budgets, the need for more policing, the local and regional issues citizens want addressed, so on and so forth. Then such a framework can be operated in other states around the world, especially in Africa and South America where corruption is rife. You could in fact, using a lottery principle, randomly pick citizens who are registered, and this needs to be made as a rule of law. To sign off online treasury transfers and payments. This would prevent corruption. You could easily program so for example, two Government treasury minsters and four randomly selected citizens are selected to sign off and approve a benefits budget. Or the purchasing of certain types of equipment required by the state. This preventing corruption and embezzlement of money which has been so often the case. 

As a society this is where we can be heading, but if we allow politicians to legislate, this will only provide greater power to dictators around the World, as we are now seeing in Turkey, with the persecution of journalists, and the free press. Or Putin, Assad, and others, something in the past America and Britain have stood up against, based upon the Covenants set down in both Nations dating back to Magna Carta, and written in the American Constitution.

With the grave emergence of Climate Change, and now we are witnessing the devastation around the world. Social Media through communication is already playing a big part in civic duty and co-operation. As these events heighten and get worse, until the great minds of the world can address them collectively. All our futures are dependent upon change of lifestyles, accountability, and transparency, and this is only going to be achieved through the aid of technology and a new form of politics, that is not solely driven by failed economic policies of the mad scientists. 

Enterprise can begin now working with Governments to create these new frameworks, such collaboration and collective effort is effective and works. We have seen this with the development of Mozilla Fire Fox and Android. Two bundles and projects that are open source and built on threw collaboration of programmers and developers.

Work as a concept needs to be understood in many different ways, a Mother bringing up a child so they become a well rounded, responsible, and highly intelligent individual, is one of the most important jobs in the world. So this child, he or she, could be the one tomorrow, to help us develop Electromagnetic Fusion, so we can reach for the stars!

The future is now in Western Society, and ready for change to take another quantum leap, to then lead the world through peace, by demonstrating how Social Justice Politics begins with the well-being of its people first and not failed economically driven policies. Productivity, economy, and creativity, will all bring far higher and better results for societies in the 21st century. 

Thank You!