Review: Everyday Super Food

Everyday Super Food Everyday Super Food by Jamie Oliver
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As a more seasoned member of society these days, getting old, and experienced life's journey to the end degree. I have to admire and take my hat off to this remarkable young man. If at anytime our Millennials seek to be inspired by a persons drive, passion, dedication and hard work, it is Jamie!

This book as like many others he has written and produced, selling over 20 million of his books, is beautifully designed and crafted, laid out to only inspire us all to cook far more healthy foods, rather than processed products (ready meals) that consist of many chemicals and toxins, that do poison the body over time, hence more cancers and allergies today!

The book is full colour throughout, and brilliant value for money. I know I am not alone in saying it is a cookery book with recipes that will always be treasured in the cooks library.

This book was the inspiration for me to write "Super Foods Tropical Fish and Discus", thanks Jamie!

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