The Corona Virus Powerful Forces at Work

In 2017, I reluctantly wrote "The Cherry Tree Garden Book," and the decision was not on impulse, or something marked in my diary, as part of my 2017 plans for writing.

This book began to formulate in 2013, and lets say; by "powerful forces of a higher order." How powerful? Well put it this way, it was that year in either September or October one evening walking along my sea front and sitting on a wooden chair with a friend as the sun was starting to set, we both instantly looked at each other, and I broke the silence by saying "did you see that?" To which my friend immediately replied yes!

We were both sitting on the chair looking out across the sea, when it was as if the entire Planet jolted, as if some giant had set foot on Earth. If you experienced this, and thought your mind was playing games with you, I can assure you it wasn't!

For several weeks prior to this I started to see many things, I must be honest, I have always been spiritual, but this was a whole new level. And prior to 2013, every event that took place, I had literally mapped out in my mind, and every thought and predication came true. I knew I had become far more spiritually enlightened, risen to a whole new level.

I started to understand, that I was to become, a vessel of service. We had entered into a period known as "The Enlightenment Period." And the events to come, were to shame the human race of all their greed, wickedness, vanity, and wilful negligence.

I was informed, that I was to write this book "The Cherry Tree Garden," and at a time that was relevant to the higher powers! And this is how these things work, I never call it, as they say. The times are determined by them and not I.

In truth, I didn't want to write the book, as I was scarred of getting the book wrong! And if you were me, at the beginning of 2014, you would understand why. As I could not walk for over 3 months, and in constant pain. I had read and heard from others about submission and surrender, to come before the Boss as a humble soul. It was a form of Stigmata and an experience I will never forget. For the truth is; once you become a Servant, or Witness to "The Kingdom of Heaven" it is not a walk in the park, but I can assure you, once you begin the journey of enlightenment, no money in the world would make you betray or surrender such phenomena. The good times I have also experienced when I have been betrayed by others and at rock bottom. On these occasions I have experienced the presence of the Boss, and it can be described with just one word, and that is; "Absolute!"

I have read on numerous occasions folk seeking answers to this on Google, asking what such an experience feels like, and as I say, it is "Absolute." And this is the only word to describre the experience. The Love and warmth is overwhelming, and beyond words, you even know if you pressed your toe on the ground you would float and rise.

Overtime I started to get more and more information, with regards to writing the book. I also started to research more. Reading works by the Dalai Lama and many others. It was on such an occasion in the spring of 2017 when reading one of the Dalai Lama's books, he wrote about not being frightened when facing death. "You cannot fear Death," is what was written. I know we are now talking four years later since 2013. Well, I read this chapter once, twice, and three times. I put the book down and still struggled to really get into the depth of understanding, regarding this subject matter of Death!

About two weeks later, and still seeing far more and discovering more, I became ill and started to deteriorate rapidly. I went to my Doctor and was prompty ordered to the Local Hospital's A & E, as I was having Heart Failure!

I knew straight away what was happening to me, and I was not frightened. In fact, in my Ward for Heart Emergencies, and after a few days on the mend, and clearing my lungs from fluid, as I was drowning, similar to events surrounding the Corona Virus victims. I made notes of the experience and started to cheer everyone else up in the Ward. There was also another chap however, who started to go into Cardiace Arrest, and I immediately knew what was happening, and informed the Ward Sister, who thanked me later for saving the Guys Life!

I realized from this experience I was being taught a serious lesson in understanding the facing of Death, for the reality was, I was dying when I had the Heart failure! I was able to therefore relate and understnad death, what it was like. To me, I would describe the entire experience as being grey, when facing death, it becomes grey. I even lost my sense of smell, and taste, for several months.

After this event, I knew just there and then in early May of 2017, after having Heart Failure, it was the time to begin writing the book. And I literally mean the time, to begin writing "The Cherry Tree Garden," with a great deal of intrepidation and fear I might add!

So I started writng the book, and every day, I was finding the words were just flowing onto my PC. I knew I was being guided with not only members of my Family who had passed on, but others known as Elders.

The easiest way to explaining the writing of the book is; myself being a vessel, a messneger documenting the wishes and instruction of a higher order. I suppose in the literal sense, I being a ghost writer!

Now for many reading this as the book explains religion, the true path to travel, the four periods a human experiences, or transitions through a life should I say! And also experiences of my own, I was instructed to document. Now one maybe tempted to mock, or dispel such words and statements, but for a person of faith I would urge caution, and for others seeking to dispel such words, I would suggest just resume your path in life without comment, For I can assure you, all who have mocked, or harmed me in my life, has paid a price. When I was a small Boy of just 9 years, my Headmaster at the time summoned me to his Headmasters study, and humiliated me with many demanding questions that I could not answer, and within two months he was dead! Over the years there has been many instances and events surrounding my welfare, and where judgement has been delivered. Not by me I might add,  as this is well above my pay grade as they say, but by far wiser and more powerful forces beyond this realm.

Looking back throughout my life it all makes sense, how and why I was used should I say, as I have always tried to see the best in Folk, been a perpetual optimist, and full of love. Investing my time, energy and ideas into helping others, and contributing to society!

I do know being an Oracle, Sage, or Spiritualist, it can be hereditory. I know now my Father was able to connect to the Grand Scheme, and my Grandmother was also able to carryout spiritualism. I know over the years, I have become very powerful and aware. It starts in slow small steps at a time of their choosing, not ours. You also adopt and experience precious moments with animals, as everything is connected, and it is important to remeber this! My first Spirit Animal was a Kingfisher that I saw in the most unlikliest of places. To now more recently, where I keep seeing this White Wolf wandering about in my garden, and he represents my ascendancy, and place, as a Sorcerer. Able to be the Bosse's eyes and ears like others chosen, but in addition able to shape events, using the power of thought.

I have been very frank and honest here in this article, as I know the great significance of this book at this time, and say "what does it take to share, or sell a book of such importance to Folk". It is impossible to believe, but events written, nearly three years ago, are happeing now, or have already come true!

Even the book's cover is designed with English and Chinese writing. And the quotation on the back of the book is more than spooky, as it describes the presence and pattern of an entity, that is without doubt the reference too the virus!

Turning to page 31 inside the book, it tells you about the events happening now, and the price being paid for neglecting the world, and referenced also in the book is Donald Trump's fate!

The content inside the book is also very enlightening, and is all starting to make sense now even for myself, and like I said earlier. The time and moments are determined by them, certainly not humble I.

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To conclude, I know many in life seek answers, or say "if there was a God etc" and Folk very often desire something bigger than them, to then follow as a sesne of security. Well, I can promise you, that you are never alone, and that you can in fact build on your faith, if your endeavours are sincere, and of good heart (love). To sin is only a sin, if one acts with intent, that is deliberate, to harm etc.

In my video here on the Blog, I said 2020 was a time to act, to be good Shepherds regarding our home Mother Earth, with reference to Climate Change. I warned of more extreme storms this year, warned the year before, and the year before that, especially regarding America.

The cover and title of the book now makes sense, as these events surrounding the Corona Virus has fallen over Easter. The Cherry blossom represents the beginning and end of life. Our skies are clearing and man's folly has been stopped world-wide by a microbial life entity, invisible to the eye.

I already know there is not a vaccination for this virus, and it will travel the Jet and Gulf Streams. I also know it's only demise is when "WE" help heal Mother Earth. Remember, the manifestation of this entity and others, is as a result of a hostile polluted environment we are creating!

Lastly, the bigots and racists preaching their lies, wanting Folk to still gather, endangering their lives, is only so these false prophets and preachers can line their own miserable pockets.

Remember, your Faith begins with you, within the Temple of your body, that holds the hope and faith of your mind, and the love deep within your heart!

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