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A very warm welcome to our new layout and connection here at my "Official Google Blogger" to supersede sadly our previous Social Media link and Partnership with Google+. It is imperative as we all know in this day and age of "Donald Trump's Fake News" truth and knowledge must shine threw, bringing hope and light to us all!

For those who truly know me after 20 plus years as a Creative Designer on the World Wide Web, a Best Selling Author of over 60 published books World-Wide, and a passionate Musician and Composer of great Classic Rock Singles and Albums as a Front Man Artist known as Aggie since the 70's to the current day with a back and current catalogue of over 100 original songs. My continued drive and enthusiasm is through my real true love and inspiration, that I am privileged to learn and discover, regarding all miracles of life and wonder on Earth. And it "MUST BE SAVED" at all costs!!!!

As founder of Pineapple Blue back in 1995, creator of Live Online Radio and Active Vision in 1998 when partnering and developing with Netscape, Microsoft, Phillips and Real Networks, it is true I can claim to be one of the wealthiest men in the world, but not in monetary terms!

Knowledge is king and key, this I soon learnt having an extremely gifted and highly intelligent hero, who was my Father! I found out at a very early age, that everything I asked him, he was able to answer. He was also a perfectionist, an eminent architectural model maker, drafts man and engineer, so at a very early age, I become wired to seek out, discover, and learn as much as I could, and this has continued to serve me right throughout my life. With such knowledge, I have invested into creations to bring light, to help other Folk on their life's journey with specialist books, technology, and music. And through my faith, none of which is man-made religion I might add, I have devoted my life to continue on this path, and now to especially be on the right side of history with truth!

Yesterday, a remarkable young lady of 16 years up staged Donald Trump at the United Nations. Greta told truth to supposed power of the naive and ignorant, namely Donald Trump, the current leader of the free world who is turning his Country into a rogue Nation of lies and deceit, in pursuit of money, at the cost of our Planet and only home. Lets be honest with each other, Trump is not bothered about the future of the Planet and our Folk, who will be dying from extreme weather and major disasters, as he is old, and only has a few years to live! But we are facing mass specie extinction including ourselves, the Human Race!

Some 30 plus years ago, when writing my first book titled "The Discus Book" back in 1988, published a year later on the successful keeping and breeding in captivity of the symphysodon species of marine life from the Amazon Regions, adjoining Rivers and Countries, I warned in the book's introduction of Climate Change Deforestation. Now today some 30 years later, we see the lungs of the Earth, the Amazon Rain Forest on Fire, and such activity of insanity and madness encouraged by Jair Bolsonaro, the President of Brazil, just to make a pittance of money in agriculture and logging!

The days of a Victorian ideology is over, regarding economically driven policies by Governments around the world. The short sighted greed and profit exploiting the Earth's resources, and heavily financed still by banks today, so Corporations can extract Fossil Fuels and other Pollutants of death, at the cost of the environment and planet, this must now change!

The Science has been in for a long time, and the evidence is clear to see today, as more Islands, cultures and societies are destroyed by extreme weather and rising sea levels. It has therefore now come to a time in our history and existence, for Institutions such as the WTO (World Trade Organisation), to introduce a tariff structure of taxation to Nations producing Fuels, products and services that serve to the detriment of the environment. This will have an immediate impact on Climate Change abusers and opportunists of corrupt Corporations and State Regimes. This will then send a clear message to Fossil Fuel and Pollutant offenders primarily, that if they want to trade in the Family of Nations and Global Community, and still want to persist in producing products that are grave pollutants to the Planet, there will be a consequence, and that they will have to respect the Laws of Nature and the Environment, and not be permitted to thrive at the cost, well-being, and health of all life here on Earth our only home!

Actual Governments can also aid greatly in this by taking action at Fossil Fuel and Pollutant products by introducing a Tax frequency on these industry sectors directly with increased Corporate and Component Products Taxes. The reason why I suggest this method is; that most Governments make the mistake of hitting the consumer, and this can be a fool hardy venture, as it almost guarantees the removal of such a democratic Government in a future next election. And the great frustration of such an event, the presiding Government could be doing a great deal of good by implementing new Laws to protect their citizens and society at large including all wild life world-wide. By taxing and hitting hard on components and any borrowing from banks, this will serve as a deterrent and penalize the actual pollutant offenders instead of the consumers, the related States electorate.

To shed further light on the reality of the crisis facing us in the world and all life we have come to love and know, some years back I wrote a publication titled "The Reality of Climate Change" a book that is easy to follow and read, detailing the truth and reality of climate change, and the impact it is now having on all our lives today, and how things are only going to get worse for ourselves now and future generations to come, but even this prospect of future generations being able to survive is now in doubt!

The time for radical action is now, but by peaceful means across all societies of the world. And for new and emerging Countries, this is not a setback, but an opportunity for States to co-partner on a lease, or purchase basis for technology, on arranged borrowing terms for "Hydro, Wind and Solar etc energy solutions, to aid manufacture in new emerging Countries, but using clean energy solutions, thus becoming Nation State friends of the world, rather than being rogue states.

Beyond the politics, lies and deceit, the great Nation and People of China are now one of the major leading powers in the world for clean energy solutions. And the Great People of China are now working in partnership with many States around the world, especially emerging states. The same can be said for Japan, a great deal of technology advice and partnering is taking place in emerging Nations and Markets, thus delivering unique products, hand crafted, or exclusively manufactured and all of which being organic and environmentally friendly.

There is very truly boundless opportunity now for Governments around the world to change and implement new Laws and Taxation rules as of tomorrow against polluter businesses and industries! So Governments can at last start serving the interests of their citizens, and even their own families. Then at last and very finally, Ministers and Officials of respective Governments can start to actually feel good about themselves, as they become friends to their citizens and the world.

I hope this article has been of interest to you, and with plans to write many more news features and articles at our great friends and partners on this Google Blogger Platform for Alastair Agutter's Official Blog. Bringing Creative Light, News and Features for our Brilliant Books, our Great Music, and our Fantastic eBooks. Plus, you can even listen to some of our Great Classic Rock and Brit Pop Music Now on our Live Online Radio on demand Streaming Station.

Lastly, always humbled and honoured to share our greatest and most valuable brand and commodity; our insights, that we are always pleased to share with all our Brothers and Sisters around the World for the Greater Good!

We all need to be good Shepherds at the end of the day, as we face our Greatest Challenge of Climate Change together!

Peace, Love, and Sincere Best Wishes to You and Your Family,

Alastair :)

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