Review: The Compleat Angler

The Compleat Angler The Compleat Angler by Izaak Walton
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In 1981 representatives of the British Library presented an early leather bound edition of "The Compleat Angler" Book. At that time, back in 1981, it was claimed that The Compleat Angler was the third biggest selling book in history, after Pilgrims Progress, and the Holy Bible.

I was commissioned by the Izaak Walton Foundation to make and design a collection of limited edition split bamboo cane rods to commemorate the "Tercentenary" 1683. To do my very best, I wanted to get the real feel for the time and moment. I therefore read from cover to cover this work, that I found inspiring. I cannot say Charles Cotton, or Izaak Walton, were great anglers. But their journeys as friends and companions to various Rivers, and Venues in Blighty, made the book fascinating to read.

The Compleat Angler for me is a book worth investing in for those long winter months, as you warm up by a log fire, hearing the crackle of the chestnut logs, with a warm glow to your face from the fire and dream about the fish you plan to catch, the following season.

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