A New Book That Will Change Your Life Forever!

I am delighted to share with you details of my new book, and for anyone reading "The Cherry Tree Garden" I know it will change their life forever!

I like to also think the book is timely, as we see  so much chaos, confusion, and misery in the world.

I am confident the book will be spiritually uplifting and enlightening, for I share in the book many spiritual visitation experiences over my humble 60 years of physical life.

The Book Features: The Four Cycles of the Human Condition, Celestial Visitation Experiences, Spiritual Sensory Awareness and the Different Vibration Levels, Visitation Predictions and Warnings, The Real True Story of the Garden of Eden and Location, Divine Structure including Celestial Ascendancy Deities often deemed as Mythical Gods, Divine Celestial Elders and Divine Family Elders and Guides. Divine Creation and the Covenants of Natural Law for Greater Knowledge, Wisdom, and Enlightenment. Alien Life and other Worlds and Dimensions, Learning to see far more Reality around you, The Rising of the Chinese Dragon with a Heart, Evolution and Human Primate Responsibility as Good Shepherds, Equality and Reverence to Sacred Vessels of Motherhood and All Life!

All of our journeys start with a beginning and end, yet sometimes we can pause, or stop, to see, admire, or digest an event, or moment in our lives. So often these subtle signs and events have far greater meaning and relevance. So the reading of “The Cherry Tree Garden” is such a moment, and event in your life, and meant to be, as you continue on your journey in search of finding the answers.

“Just as a wind and breeze can change direction and be invisible to your naked eye, one knows of such a presence and existence from such an entity.” ~ Alastair R Agutter

The Cherry Tree Garden Book is available in traditional print and on digital, including kindle and nook from all these good book stores:- https://www.alastairagutter.com/the-cherry-tree-garden-book/