The Discus Books Readers Special Thanks and News Updates!

Dear Google Tropical Fish Hobbyist Users and Readers,

Very Special thanks to all of you buying my Discus Books for Tropical Fish Keeping World-Wide it is very humbling and appreciated.

I know many book sellers Internationally are now stocking my books to sell through stores and online so a big thank you, for it means a great deal to me that folk in communities can acquire these books to help the beginner and advance the pastime of tropical fish keeping.

If folk are still struggling to obtain copies you can buy them through my publishers and distributors Amazon Group and Sister Companies such as CreateSpace.

At this time I have three books published on the subject of Discus (symphysodon) keeping and breeding sucessfully. The books are an invaluable reference as they introduce you to the best water conditions, menu's on how to prepare your own high protein foods and much more for healthy disease free discus.

The first Book published was "The Discus Book" in 1989 a time I describe as a purple period for the hobbyist for around that period a number of us published our works on the subject of keeping Discus Cichlids were released including friends books by Eberhard Schulze, Dr. Eduard Schmidt-Focke, Heiko Bleher, Jack Wattley and Bernd Degen.

Even after 25 years many folk appreciate my first edition for recording and publising my findings on keeping and successfully breeding these majestic species in captivity.

This edition is still available today as an Amazon Best Seller in both Paperback and Kindle Digital Editions.

Digital Kindle Edition on Amazon is Here!

Paperback Edition on Amazon is Here!

One of the most popular and biggest selling Discus Book is "The Discus Book 2nd Edition" where the book has been further updated with additional valauble points of refrence for today's aquarist. however I always try to remind everyone, discus keeping has no silver bullet and only from love, care and dedication will you be rewarded.

I know in today's frenzied society we are attracted to many commercial solutions but in truth as the book says on the title of the second edition "Some of the old ways are still always the best" and by applying some grounded proven simple methods you will gain results and thriving discus species.

Digital Kindle Edition on Amazon is Here!

The Paperback Edition on Amazon is Here!

The final and most current book in the series of Discus Books is "The Discus Book Tropical Fish Keeping Special Edition" the book celebrates 25 years since the first book was written and has a blaze of over 110 colour pictures and further additional chapters added on Community Discus Aquriums, Choice of Suitable Species To House With  Discus, Naturally Planted Aquariums and more with a vast detailed amount of information.

Upon looking and knowing of other books, I think based on the content it is very comprehensive and will help the beginner or contribute towards the annuals of the ardent aquarists knowledge base. Had I of laid out the book similar to other authors and noteable breeders it would of amounted to several hundreds of pages.

Digital Kindle Edition on Amazon is Here!

The Paperback Edition on Amazon is Here!

Thanks for taking the time to read my latest post and I know in every book you will find something of significant relevance and will enjoy the books as they serve as a time capsule into the past and epecially some of the old 35mm black and white pictures.

Thank you again to all of you buying my books and further good news is I plan to write a real big edition covering specie behaviour and natural selection of breeding in addition to the history and evoluton of the hobby. For I am now becoming slightly concerned that we are loosing some of the original species in their full colourful glory and being replaced by an array of colour variants that devalue in some respects dignity of the original grand species of Axelrodi, Heckel, Haraldi and the Tefe Green.

If you would like to participate and be a contributor to the new book and be acknowledged I am seeking more photographs of Discus Species of all varieties and environments. Such contributions are especially of benefit to retailers and breeders promoting their enterprises where readers can becoe aware.

Please email me: please tite the email "Discus Pictures and Details"

Sincere Best Wishes,

Alastair :)