The Discus Book Still A Best Seller After 25 Years!

Dear Google Readers and Fans,

Today I saw that "The Discus Book" was No 30 in the USA Amazon Best Sellers for Fish Care and Aquariums.

This I find to be quiet a great achievement legacy of a book from when such a specialist publication was first written back in 1989 as a hardback.

To me it makes sense for such popularity for if I recall I was one of the few actually taking folk through my personal successes of breeding Discus (symphysodon) in captivity and where I recorded my findings (the trade secrets) for prosperity to share with other Tropical Fish enthusiasts and dedicated Aquarists.

Covering my findings on water, food, disease and more that enabled such achievements of Wild species to be bred in captivity 25 years ago and proud to be one of an elite few world-wide on the subject who have actually bred the species and written on the subject as an accomplished author.

Today, as we move with the times the book is available in both Paperback and on Kindle Digital. Amazon Prime Members can borrow "The Discus Book" and any others Free.

Like I always say in this fast and instant World today of on demand. When it comes to Tropical Fish Keeping there is no silver bullet, only love care and dedication.

Enjoy the Book, some of the old ways are still always the best, our Mothers taught us that remember!

Sincere Best Wishes,

Alastair :)