Getting Inside Google's Head New Book Video Film Trailer News!

Dear Google Users, Readers and Fans,

For several months I have been working out the best way to really get across the merits of my 'New' book "Getting Inside Google's Head" based on over 20 years exeperience regarding the commercial World Wide Web.

Well, I finally come up with the idea of using a series of frames clearly showing the benefits and value web site owners will get from the book, especially now with the 'New' Google Ratings Standards changes in the past week!

Also, I created these two characters above "Happy and Crabbie" who you will see around and a very personal and candid Radio MP3 interview, giving a real insight to the World Wide Web landscape and how Google, Yahoo, Bing and all user browser rendering engines will actually determine your fate or success online now and in the future!

If you can't wait for the 'New' You Tube Book Video Film Trailer of "Getting Inside Google's Head" coming out in the coming days!

Use this link for the candid and personal radio interview!


Use this link to get your copy of the new book!

Have A Great Day and Enjoy!

Alastair :)