Free Book For Climate Change Greater Awareness!

Free Book Tomorrow For Greater Awareness Surrounding Climate Change:
Earlier in the year, I wrote a paper on Climate Change, to serve the interests of creating greater awareness surrounding events happening, that are affecting our Health, Wild Life and the Environment. The information found within the paper are based on factual first hand evidence of climate change and how it is now affecting our everyday lives.

The paper has now been produced and published into a book and I am making it FREE tomorrow through my colleagues and partners at Amazon. The Digital Kindle Edition will be Free to download and if by chance you do not have the Kindle Software, you will be able to download the softwre Free that can be used on any device, be it a PC, Tablet or Smart Phone.

I wrote this book with the genuine intention of sharing my concerns as a small contribution to the community and this is an opportunity to make the book available FREE to folk in the community. The ailments, aches and pains, chest infections, struggling to breath and much more is as a result of industrialized pollution.

The British Government are cutting Green Energy opportunities and solutions, that has been the biggest growth sector for the UK employing over 400,000 folk in Britain. At this time, I am gravely concerned that there is no long term thinking, or vision, that serves to the detriment of UK Citizens and many other folk world-wide.

As primate custodians of Mother Earth, we all have a great burden of responsibility as all our animal and wild life friends look towards us to do the right thing.

So I hope you do get an opportunity in the coming days to download a copy Free, this window is as I understand for the coming five days starting tomorrow.

Details of the Book with a link to the Amazon Digital Book Edition can be located on the 'New' books Best Sellers page below. Thank You!

Sincere Best Wishes,

Alastair R Agutter
Author and Humanitarian