A Continued Tropical Fish Book Best Seller For Over 25 Years!

The Discus Book 1st Edition A Continued Best Seller For Over 25 Years.
As an author writing a book on a specialist subject, hobby and interest to serve as a record for prosperity. You never expect a publication to become a Best Seller in its field or for it to continue to be a best seller now for over 25 years!

Perhaps in some respects it demonstrtes the value of the book regarding information as Discus Tropical Fish Aquarists still seek answers surrounding the success of keeping these highly evolved species healthy and disease free. At the time of writing the book I had to endure the process of experimentation and varying conditions for whilst there were a few articles surrounding the species, there was never any specfic information in view of the commercial aspects of the industry where a great deal of money was to be made from breeding and selling these species.

To some the methods may seem dated, but as we are learning more today, modern products, events and environments are not necessarily good for our well-being let alone creatures we have a duty and care towards.

The details found in this The Discus that serves as a timeless capsule for historic records are proven techniques that allowed me to successfully breed wild discus in captivity and still today one of a select few world-wide to achieve such a feat as an authority on the subject and accomplished author.

Natural Law has taught me in all that we do surrounds the fundamental rules of to "Evolve and Refine" so when embarking on any project or interest risk aversion must always be at the top of your priority list. For the more complicated you make things, the more things can go wrong!

The Discus Book today is priced at its very lowest and available world-wide in print and now on digital. Happy Tropical Fish Keeping :)


Sincere Best Wishes,

Alastair R Agutter