Children's Education More Important Than Ever!

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This week has been a very sad one for many reasons and all relate to one thing and that one thing being "Education" and there has never been a more important time in the human journey to stop and evaluate the situation.

Over countless years now we have lost great characters and artists of our time and this week we heard of the tragic loss of our friend 'Robin William's' who as the President rightly said, brought sunshine into our hearts and lives by making us laugh and cry, I describe it as fuelling the human spirit!

I also experienced this week the views and opinions of a young man called 'Jamal' and where he said "all whites should leave Britain as they are evil" and of course we witness events in Northern Iraq with woman and children being buried alive and such thoughts deeply disturb me!

Many great minds and artists such as Robin William's, whist gifted and blessed find themselves on a journey of great despair that many describe as depression. But there is a saying of "when you have found God, you can see the darkest depths of a mans soul" and such acts of wickedness and futility clearly echo's such a saying.

To excel oneself in this journey of learning it requires deep thought and looking within in search of gifts and talents that can be used to serve for good and where such humble efforts and endeavours fuel the human spirit.

Only from learning can we determine our journey's in life for the greater good and where all have choice regarding the paths they take in life. Many sadly surrender and buy into a society today that functions through ignorance and where material wealth and greed is their only token salvation as they worship the influence of material wealth rather than fulfil an expected path of learning by attaining knowledge.

For the few who seek knowledge and use such learning's are burdened with the comprehension and capacity to understand and see the mindless behaviour and society created born from a material idolization and as a result come to see and understand the many flaws.

The talented artists of our day be it painters, actors, musicians or writers are the very embodiment of bringing enlightenment into our lives and deriving from such works casts light upon society for all. Without such works and talents, the human spirit dies and the peoples of such a society can easily fall into a dark cloud and shadow that consumes all of society from extremist ideologies in its most basic form.

Human beings through curiosity seek to always venture and such exploration and learning is to be commended but regrettably, many are fearful of exposing themselves through such little they have learned where they seek to dispel or compartmentalize their understanding of something.

The Universe is not governed by the material behavioural patterns of one specie on Earth. It is a sea of expanding energy and life as a phenomena that always finds a way to advance and refine. Such events that impact the grand scheme will always be countered through Natural Law of the Universe to ensure the grand scheme of energy and life continues.

The most powerful gift bestowed on the human primate on Earth is the capacity to learn and from such endeavours can one become endowed with knowledge and deriving from that knowledge, reason and understanding or perhaps more appropriate words being, humility and wisdom.

For countless tens of thousands of years the human journey has been surrounded by tribal ignorance. Where elders or leaders have attained power and influence from brut force and ignorance and even in the 21st century such behaviour continues in everyday life, where neighbour takes advantage of another and pits their ignorant and naive existence with further cravings for more material wealth through greed. Often it is heard where stock brokers say it is a "dog eat dog world" and the monetary material society created by human society at this time is very basic and still the behaviour of the beast!

But all need to realize even on Earth that the emergence and evolutionary survival of the Homosapien species was not from brut force to become a dominant specie but from knowledge and using collective effort with their neighbours. The continued industrialization in a material world to appease the whims of human beings is laying the foundations for further climate change and destruction created from such an environment.

Today many take constant amounts of medication for ailments deriving from artificial additives introduced into the food change for no other reason than commercial profit. Many fast foods have a series of artificial toxins and poisons introduced into food for taste and material known as filler. The end result being further demise in health causing greater heart, kidney and liver disease. Industrial pollution is not only confined to the foods and products surrounding human beings in their daily lives. The atmosphere today carries with it industrial pollutants that are harmful to every living organism including humans. Sulphur Dioxide in the atmosphere commonly known as acid rain can penetrate a humans body and affect the nervous system and body structure, where erosion is created leading to joint pains and aches in the form of arthritis to mention just one condition. Where western society today has now become heavily dependent on pain killers and such medication is not a long term solution, as it affects the filtering of toxins of a healthy liver by rendering it scared and damaged from the medication.

For the human race to advance from this point requires a new way of thinking and evolving, the material superficial world fuelled by greed can be seen to have failed in all previous civilizations regarding the human journey and history. Therefore a collective effort is required through knowledge can be the only solution for further human advancement on Earth and as custodians of this planet as the primate specie and who is duty bound and obligated to preserve and protect all other living entities.

Our Children of today must learn with principle and shape a new world working in concert with Natural Law and all that surrounds them. Only by studying our seas and lands and the species above or within can there be any hope, for much can be learnt from how Mother Nature (Universal Law) can refine and engineer through Quantum Mechanics and where such introductions into the gene pool are always slight and not extreme.

Many regard people with an impediment as "Mentally Handicapped" again from ignorance endeavouring to departmentalize a subject based on lack of knowledge and fear. These people with such impediments are NOT victims of failure or a set back, but in fact unique living evidence of Universal Law endeavouring to add to the gene pool of the human being other qualities to advance and evolve a specie that is still deficient and inherently flawed as we witness the repeated mistakes through history of conflict and ignorance.

The likes of Jamal derive from infant ignorance and lack of learning or in pursuit of primitive backward doctrines born from tribalism. All religions are man made and engineered in society to seek a higher or more noble presence and support to overcome conflict. Throughout the ages men and no more have sort to inspire masses to overcome an enemy by such a falsehood or banner. In the World today there are over 2,500 man made religions and they are simply just man made. Within them can never be found Divine Enlightenment to the understanding of all, but only hypocrisy and a cloak for others to hide behind or to do evil deeds for their own ends.

If human beings paused and realized that they are all a composition and structure of atoms and every part of the universe is constructed of atoms and energy. We would all begin to understand that we are all of the same composition and deriving from knowledge of the grand scheme (data) you and other species created and developed by a composition of forming you and other life entities, objects and fauna clearly defines the existence of a recipe, a genetic string and series of codes and other phenomena's lead to creating you and other such diverse entities. But when broken down in the simplest and most beautiful form, we all comprise of atoms.

The conflicts today in our World are born from the most basic concepts of ignorance from the dark ages of tribalism. The word racist often used is a non entity definition and the truest form of ignorance. The evolutionary make up of human beings derives from regional and climatic environments coupled to diets. The only significant difference between one another can be found from a lack of education giving rise to ignorance.

So when we witness and see the depth of human naivety, it is understandable why the most talented often suffer from depression and despair and all such social issues born from ignorance must only affirm the great importance for early learning today and the beginning of the journey starts at the earliest age and so by creating meaningful books for Children to read and learn they will perhaps help towards contributing in a humble way of shaping a more informed and better world for tomorrow!

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Alastair R Agutter
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