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I am pleased to announce that my publishers and distributors 'The Amazon Group' are now offering to Amazon Prime Members 'FREE BOOKS' where you can borrow and read any of my Books for Free!

As a writer of specialist niche books and of my own style, where I endeavour to share my experiences and thoughts on subjects of interest, as if I am directly talking to you personally. I am more than confident something can be found amonst my published books to meet all tastes and be enjoyed!

My career in technology, regarding the World Wide Web, now spans more than 20 years and for those seeking more customers, web users and the secrets to success online such information can be found in my recent best selling book "Getting Inside Google's Head" or if you are seeking to know more about the World Wide Web and how it is changing and will affect all our lives perhaps "The Five Minute Guide To HTML 5.0" will be of great value and interest to you.

As a Parent of 5 Children and once told the best job I will be good at is as a Father, rather than a Lawyer or something else, has proved to be correct and so I continue each day writing a series of Children's books known as "Children's Weebies Family" to give the little people that very important early start in life and books with meaning and of real educational value.

We all need interests and pastimes and as a passionate student of Wild Life and the Environment I have enjoyed breeding rare species of marine life in captivity for more than 46 years namely the Discus Fish (symphysodon) and other cichlids. So my best selling books "The Discus Book" the 2nd Edition written 25 years later or "The Discus Book Tropical Fish Keeping Special Edition" will be an invalauble reference and resource for all new and dedicated aquarists.

To me the Great Outdoors is an environment where we fully appreciate the wonders of life and begin to understand our place in the grand scheme and so as a craftsman and naturalist, I continue to write additional books of interest for the community at large and one currently underway is "The Complete Angler and Master Rodmaker" where I take you on a romantic and historical classic journey of recent years based on my own adventures and experiences and at the same time written in a classical form, celebrating the third biggest selling book of all time "The Compleat Angler" by Izaak Walton.

They say anglers can often be great philosophers and in these troubled and uncertain times, even at great personal cost to myself, I have always written and stood up for the integral values every civilized society requires and so perhaps "My England A Broken Nation" may be of great interest, as it records the perpetual decline of society and where the lowest point appeared to be with the Leveson Enquiry, exposing the many flaws across all public institutions for moral decline and the News and Media creating an environment of sensationalism that reflects on a Nation's moral compass. Still even today News, Media and Broadcasters especially have surrendered their values for more sensational trivia, where people see today on their television screens, public servants of enforcement agencies violating peoples human rights and dignity, with repugnent programmes such as "Traffic Cops" and others, where all sense of decency has been completely lost and the participating incumbenets of such disgusting programmes, need to seriously reflect and look at themselves. Or perhaps if you are a student of history and knowledgeable of previous failed civilizations "The News 2013 Almanac" will be of great value, as the human race continues on a journey of eventual destruction and conflict, born from failed backward doctrines of a superficial material and monetary world driven by personal greed and where recorded in the annuals of history, can be found all previous civilizations doomed on the same course as today in the 21st Century.

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