My First Aquarium Book New Release

Dear Google Readers and Followers,

I am absolutely delighted to announce the release of my latest Tropical Fish Book titled My First Aquarium for all Tropical Fish Hobbyists and dedicated aquarists.
 As you can see the new book has over 380 pages, crammed with valuable information and proven methods that work based on my first-hand experience, now spanning nearly 50 years since taking up the traditional and time honoured noble pastime in 1967.

I was determined to write a new tropical fish book covering the hobby, in the hope it encourages more Folk to take up the hobby, for so much can be gained and enjoyed from the pastime.

The book takes the aquarist through every stage of getting started in the hobby. The correct size of aquarium, the location, the ideal height, the style and theme of the aquarium, filtration methods, heating devices, lighting systems, super foods and even recipes showing the aquarist how to make their own tropical fish food. Methods on how to set up a naturally planted aquarium, with the right advice on the substrate to have lush aquatic plants in the aquarium. Even a 28 day cycle method where no chemicals are required or used, and how to achieve crystal clear water for healthy plants and happy thriving tropical fish.

I know this book will become a valuable companion and friend for every aquarist from the advice given. The book also covers the most diseases and ways to prevent many of the most common ailments tropical fish contract as a result of stress.

I was determined to get the book finished before Christmas for Fellow Aquarists around the world, as I know the book will be the perfect gift for any family member or loved one, who has a passion for tropical fish keeping.

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The book is a traditional printed edition and will be a valuable asset for any Aquarist's library. The printed book is available online from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Create Space and all other Good Book Stores, including your local Village, Town or City book store, when ordering through the expanded distributor network.

Have a Great Holiday and All the Very Best for the New Year!

Sincere Best Wishes,

Alastair :)