UK Budget 2016 and Sea of Change in Society

Yesterday 16th of March 2016 United Kingdom Chancellor George Osborne gave his latest Budget and found within it were some interesting hidden facts.

For the many Readers and Followers I am humbled to have and know, who take an interest in my articles and books, from reading the Author Journal Magazine. They are able to quickly conclude that I tell it how it is and this is based on my continued journey of seeking greater enlightenment, my values and faith.

It is true when George Osborne says there are dark clouds looming regarding the stability of domestic and International economies, but this in many respects has been self inflicted by the countless Governments and Politicians involved around the World.

So lets take you back to the financial crash of 2008 and refresh our minds here, as it does seem such a long time ago now. The Crash of 2008 surrounded property and mortgages, this was the focus of the discussion. But behind these events leads only to Banks and Finance. The Banks being the money men and architects involved with the lending of mortgages and bundling up of extravagant financial commodities. This afore mentioned is a fact, property was going through the roof in price and banks were able to lend to mortgage owners based on equitable value in their properties. De Je Vue, starting to get nervous yet!

So when the big crash came and happened that was a "Financial" one, as it involved money and finance. Governments and Politicians from around the World yes you guessed it, took advice from the folks in Banking and Finance. Fact, these were the folk who created the crisis in the first place as a result of greed and exploitation and with no moral compass or regard for the Citizens and neighbours.

Pre 2008 saw these fancy commodities being bundled up and finance offered on an epidemic scale, as a result of the game being up, for the World of Finance and Banking as we know it. This was also pertinent regarding the Stock Markets and Companies involved mainly Corporations, Hedge Funds, Insurance's, Banks and Finance Institutions.

Now at this point of the article I want you to stay with me, for one of the biggest problems caused from Social Media and one of the reasons I wrote this timely book titled "Social Media The Sum of Everything Equals Zero" is that facts are being skirted over, or ignored and only snippets of information is being read in the News and Media, without drilling down onto the actual facts regarding the turmoil in the World and the events that continue to unravel.

In 2008 with the Financial crash Politicians and Governments looked towards Banks for answers, but the reality is, these institutions did not have the answers and examples are above from the fancy bundles and ideas being created in the Financial World. In addition to the above, we had banks rigging the currencies via LIBOR, money laundering, account holding of organized crime gangs for drugs and people trafficking.

So in reality Bankers were the last people to get advice from and such stupidity in the World of Politics, has led to a systematic series of cover ups surrounding these facts and why we have seen very few if any bankers serving custodial sentences for fraud and theft!

The decision to create QE (Quantitative Easing), the printing of money and giving it to the banks, is like giving a habitual alcoholic a crate of Whiskey everyday. The people running these institutions were the old school establishment figure heads that knew absolutely nothing about the World around them that is critical to create and develop financial services fit for a modern world. Now some may say my comments are over critical or not founded, but sadly they are the facts and I can sight you examples today why the Banking System and World of Finance is clue less.

Every bank at this time is piggy backing off of technology, regarding their services in the form of Apple Payment Systems and various Apps. None of these services, or features (gimmicks), have any worth or synergy in them to serve the community and address the bigger picture.

Politicians like George Osborne taken in by these thieves and scoundrels 8 years on has delivered nothing! The banks took the money, modernized their operations at State expense, paid themselves again huge bonuses and lent a few quid to their Corporate mates, who were already into the Banks for eye watering amounts such as Tesco, with over 7 lenders and loans running into the billions!

In 2009/10 I wrote to Dr Vince Cable the Secretary of State for Business in the UK on several occasions and warned him about the banks and why money needed to be placed into the hands of folk who can create Jobs and Wealth for the Country, these being Small and Medium Enterprises, who have the ideas and can develop innovative products to release onto the World as exports. I suggested this could be achieved by setting up a Cgi form on the HM Inland and Revenue Gateway, where legitimate businesses that paid their tax could apply for loans to fund and finance their businesses.

But the "Big Thinking" was not there by the politicians, only corner shop economics and this is where we are today as a result of not tackling "Economic War" back in 2009. Where the Government talked a good show, saying we are at economic war. But done nothing about it to tackle the crisis by grabbing the problem by the throat!

Some may believe from the Press and Politicians funding was available and did happen. Well the reality is, it did not. Before 2008 only 2% of bank funding ever reached businesses in the form of lending. Post 2008 and after a staggering £500 billion plus to banks, the figure for lending to business by banks is -2%.

This current Budget 2016 is 8 years too late and even the time periods to start building infrastructure and funding Businesses to develop and export is too late, for the horse has bolted and the stable door is still open and there will not be anyone to shut it, as Britain being one example faces Social and Economic collapse.

The European Union is in the same mess across many Countries with unemployment rising as a result of being taken in by the banks and so this leads to the history of why the Stock Market has continued to exist past the Victorian era. This is for no other reason than after every War and conflict, there comes a period of reconstruction and therefore a demand for materials and commodities.

A real world needs real action and tangible items, where as a virtual world can be built on myths, inaction and lies. As mentioned earlier, I have written this timely book on "Social Media" as many are still living in denial in the real world and failing to understand what Social Media can do in a virtual world for them as a user, or as a business. Also Social Media's limitations of what it can and can't do, including the ramifications, both financially for business and the user, including the many emerging human health issues and stories today especially surrounding teenagers and self harming as a result of an environment being created that is both socially and econmically flawed.

The 2016 Budget is a masterful marketing presentation, and the reality is, it offers nothing with the exception and starting signs that from the Sugar Tax on soft drinks initially campaigned and pushed by Jamie Oliver, surrounding this massive problem caused by large soft drinks Corporations and such action will hopefully start to bring these tax avoidance entities to book. Where the word profit (greed) is becoming a dirty word, and politicians may just possibly be starting to wise up and understand also that the word profit, can also mean killer, as we see the health of a Nation being destroyed and the burden to the NHS far out weighing any further favours to the Corporate Elite establishments responsible.

Britain has the most creative innovators in the World and as a Nation, it needs to make real tangible items to export to the World, that is how any State and economy grows. This requires investment and like the old Irish saying "if you give me a shovel, I can dig you a hole." Not built on sand as Jeremy Corbyn referred, or on empty words by career Politicians, or a failed banking services sector, built again on debt and from inflated housing prices, as this was the prelude to 2008.

The World at this time is in chaos and it all leads back to Corporate greed and Banking. Citizens of the World are already starting to wise up. It is now time for Politicians to regain and take back the ground from Hedge Funds and Corporate Empires and start to urgently act decisively with common sense and in the interests of their Citizens that they are paid to serve!

Sincere Best Wishes,

Alastair R Agutter