The Theory of Particle Matter Frequencies and Multiple Universes

Dear Readers, I know in these very turbulent and unsettled times many folk across the world are trying to make sense of this insanity we are now witnessing on a daily basis.

However, deriving from such thoughts provides many of us with the opportunity to really start thinking about things and very often throughout history, from adversity the human story gets a further super-charge in the way of a Quantum Leap from such events.

The Theory of Particle Matter and Multiple Universes Book covers and records my work on the scientific findings and theories I have regarding some of the biggest questions ever asked or sort.

As the hadron collider fires up again at CERN, where Scientists and Physicists are seeking to unlock Pandora's Box regarding Particle Matter.

I wanted to ensure my findings were published, so then when the answers do come from their research, I will be at least acknowledged by my peers.

Already my work has been followed and read by some respected members of the Science and Physics Community, as communication has began to be exchanged by one or two.

But I hope the work is read by many in the community who seek answers to the big questions and where I hope in this work some of your big questions will be answered.

I am particularly pleased today, to see many more seeking answers and programmes broadcast on the Discovery, H2 and National Geographic Channels, can only be a really good thing. For I am finding as in Biochemestry and the Sciences, by the joining of hands in their research such advancements will gather pace as more is understood regarding Natural Law and Quantum Mechanics.

The broadcasting and media community with collaboration of enthusiasts and authorities, on subjects exploring ancestry, are again helping to open up the subject areas of interest that have thus far to date eluded us.

I think Ancient Aliens and Hanger One, are two great series on the broadcasting networks helping us to understand and explore further the unknown.

This work in my book I think will be an enlightening moment for many readers and where it all finally makes sense, once and for all.

A great deal of what we do not understand, is simply for the fact we often apply Sciences and Research more towards things we see, rather than training our minds to see more than we do see, but exists. Regrettably, in most cases the human condition has not focused, or trained the mind to pick up these other events all that do exist and are all around us.

The book is available world-wide in all good book stores and online from reputable sellers. There are two editions, a printed copy edition and a digital publication. Both of which are always in stock from my printers, publishers and distributors Amazon.  Please find the following book links below.

The Theory of Particle Matter Frequencies and Multiple Universes - Printed Edition

The Theory of Particle Matter Frequencies and Multiple Universes - Digital Edition

In the meantime, please enjoy the work, I hope it answers many of those searching questions.

Sincere Best Wishes,

Alastair R Agutter