The Parents Guide Book Best Seller For New and Existing Parents

Dear Readers, In these very challenging and difficult times, the art of parenting must seem at times like walking a tight rope.

This New book "The Parents Guide To The Art of Negotiation" covers a life's journey of raising Children and applying common sense in a crazy world. Where everyone seems to be full of advice, but few who exercise such verbal discourse never have Children, or express such ideas referenced from a training manual.

As a Father of Five wonderful Children and a journey of more than 56 years and the best part of that as a parent, after leaving the forces. I hope this book can be a saving grace at times and a real companion.

Parenting is a journey that begins, but never ends, regardless of however old your Children become. What I have learnt, is that you can only do your very best. For however much you love your children, they will go their own way and hold their own unique opinions and views.

But such realization I have come to find as a friend and where such pragmatic views, starts to put everything else into perspective.

I hope you enjoy the book, it is written in complete honesty and I hope it also sheds some light on us men as Fathers. For I think many will be surprised regarding what we do know:)

The book I know is sold through many retailers and book sellers online and in book stores. My printers, publishers and distributors Amazon, always has the printed and digital books in stock and here below is the link.

The Parents Guide To The Art of Negotiation Book - Available from Amazon! 

Sincere Regards and Best Wishes,

Alastair :)