Children's Education Children's Weebies Family Bird Watching Book Released

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I am pleased to announce the release of my latest book for Children's Education and Development "Children's Weebies Family Bird Watching" available in Paperback or on Digital and in full colour.

Children's Education is vital for the 21st century and especially at a very early age as infants, nursery entrants and pre-school.

Western Society at this time are asking a great many questions in relation to extremism and radicalization that is now reaching many lives around the World.

Politicians and Media are now having debates in relation to the causes of radicalization and extremist behaviour in societies around the World.

I find it both frustrating and bewildering that Politicians and Media appear to be perplexed regarding the growing threats and problems.

Sadly, Western society to a great degree wrapped up in a superficial financial world are failing to understand the root causes of extremism and radicalization. But the root of the cause has derived from ignorance and greed.

The Corporate World today bears a great responsibility and is one of the major root causes of radicalism. Only today it was announced that retailer 'Phones 4U' are to loose 5,000 jobs as a result of phone network providers seeking greater profit margins and where there has been no consideration to the community impact regarding the lose of these jobs. The loss of 5,000 jobs directly or indirectly affect some 20,000 people connected as family members and where the victims of such unemployment have no longer any certainty regarding the future. Therefore the hopes, dreams and aspirations of these folk have been dashed as a result of a Corporate Monetary Society driven by financial greed and at any price.

I see in supermarkets the dramatic changes regarding check out staff and the declining numbers as more self service tills are introduced and these such devices are not deployed for greater customer care and efficiency but solely for more profit and reducing overheads. These Corporate Thugs in Society are creating a landscape where only a few enterprises remain and many in society are unemployed with no future or hope.

Politicians share the blame for allowing such an environment to manifest as they have for more than three decades remained servants to the Corporate World of Business and Bankers. Such environments are not sustainable, for eventually there will come a time when people take desperate measures and acts as they become victims of a morally bankrupt and unjust society.

From National to Local Governments and many Public Institutions we looked towards for a Civil and Lawful Society we see riddled with corruption and deceit. The incumbents in public office are more focused on their own material life style and careers, rather than serving the interests of the community and when questions are asked regarding Child Abuse, Elderly Neglect, Rogue Landlords from lack of housing, these institutions conspire to cover up.

To the young educated minds of today in society, they can see such despicable behaviour and despair for living in a morally bankrupt and corrupt environment and so in doing turn to seek some cause or meaning in life they can follow. Sadly, many become drawn into further more backward doctrines and where today acts of terrorism has now become events on a wholesale scale.

So it is critical to educate at the earliest opportunity and from such learning's of enlightenment, energies can be focused to expose and shame the corrupt incumbents in society to shape a better community and world for all.

Each book I write at this time for pre-school I hope begins that journey of learning for every Child and so eventually the smart people in society can develop communities where enterprise serves in the interest of the inhabitants and at the same time through education have an appreciation for long term sustain ability by respecting natural law, namely the environment.

This book "Children's Weebies Bird Watching" teaches at an early age the different native popular birds of the wild and so Children can also start their journey in life where they have an appreciation for other living creatures and wild life.

Children's Weebies Family Bird Watching Book available on Amazon here!

Sincere Best Wishes,

Alastair :)